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IWW Chronology (1932 - 1944)

Originally Titled, 95 Years of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, by Michael Hargis - featured in Anarcho Syndicalist Review, #27 and #28.


  • IWW strike at the Cle Ellum dam project in Washington state.
  • Lumber workers participate in strike at Gray's Harbor.


  • Organizing drive among automobile workers in Detroit. Sit-down strike at Briggs Highland plant wins 10% pay hike. Losing strike at Murray Body in September breaks drive.
  • IWW hop pickers win strike in Yakima, WA.
  • Organizing attempts on WPA construction projects on Mississippi Bridge near New Orleans, at the Los Angeles Aquaduct, Fort Peck in Montana and New York Tunnel.
  • Strike at Ferro Foundry in Cleveland, OH.
  • Chilean IWW Administration reestablished.


  • Cleveland, Ohio, organizing takes off. Strikes at Ohio Foundry, Draper Steel Barrel, Perfection Metal Container, Permold Metal Container, American Stove, National Screw, Cleveland Wire Spring, Republic Brasswin recognition for IWW.
  • Charwomen's strike.
  • IWW votes to affiliate with IWA (AIT), then reverses itself.


  • Strike at National Screw and National Steel Barrel in Cleveland.
  • National Screw unionist Mike Lindway framed on gun charge.
  • Lumber workers organize in white pine country.


  • Philadelphia MTW refuses to load ships with arms for Franco's fascist forces in Spain.
  • IWW seaman John Kane murdered by International Seaman's Union (ISU) goons in Houston.
  • Lumber workers strike Weyerhauser, win 10% pay hike and camp improvements.
  • IWW joins with other libertarian organizations in United Libertarian Organization to sponsor Spanish Revolution newspaper and aid Spanish revolution.


  • Construction Workers IU 310 branch wins right to process grievances on WPA jobs in Contra Costa and Alameda counties, California.


  • IWW establishes IU310 branch among WPA construction workers, wins free transportation in Watsonville, CA.
  • Strike of Filipino fruit pickers.
  • New branches in American Brass, Superior Carbon, Globe Steel Barrel and Independent Register in Cleveland.
  • IWW branch at American Brass signs contract; IWW referendum changes constitution to allow the practice.
  • IWW wins NLRB election at Steel Stamping.


  • Canadian IWW establishes Fisheries Industrial Union Branch in McDiarmid, ON.


  • Strike at American Stove in Cleveland.


  • Metal Mine Workers IU210 organizes U.S. Vanadium mine and negotiates 13% pay boost in Bishop, CA. Wins NLRB election in the mine but loses out to AFL in the mill.


  • IWW wins 50 cent premium for working at Bishop mine.
  • Organization of Federal Aviation in Cleveland; job action wins raise at American Stove.


  • Wobs forced to join AFL affiliate on a tunnel project in Bishop, CA, because AFL held contract with the contractor;
  • IU210 signs contract with U.S. Vanadium.