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Rest In Power, Heather Heyer

August 16, 2017

Charlottesville woman murdered by fascists was not IWW member, is an antifascist hero.

Heather Heyer, the 32-year old murdered by fascists on August 12, 2017, lost her life protesting the fascists. She should be alive with us today. We carry her in our hearts, and move forward with the struggle determined to realize the hopes she held when she faced down the fascists.

On the internet, it has been widely reported that Heather was a member of our union, the IWW. It does not appear that she ever joined our union, but we would have welcomed her. She was a courageous woman and we should all seek inspiration from her and work to amplify her message. Members of the IWW were on the scene and were among the wounded. Like Heather, they courageously stood up to the forces of hate in one of the largest fascist gatherings in decades. We are grateful that they remain with us, and we are furious that Heather is with us no longer.

Rest In Power, Heather. You were a comrade and a hero. We don't forget. We won't forgive. We will continue the fight.

Industrial Workers of the World