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Solidarity with Health Care Workers in Greece: Neo-liberal "Adjustments" Destroy the Healthcare System

By the IWW International Solidarity Commission

The International Solidarity Commission of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stands in solidarity with the struggle of all health care workers, doctors, and nurses in Greece against the regime of "availability" imposed on the public sector, supposedly to reduce debt. This availability regime, or mobility reserve system, entails the collective redundancy of 4,000 public sector workers and the transfer of 25,000 workers to part-time pay for eight months with subsequent dismissal or re-location.

While these changes aim to spread fear and reduce the workers’ collective agency, these public sector workers won't let the government intimidate them while they stick together to fight against this clear injustice.

Certainly, the first that will be hit by redundancies among those employees are the most active unionists. Especially hospitals but also the general health care system will be seriously damaged by this measure. On the one hand, the quality of public health will suffer and deteriorate enormously by this neo-liberal restructuring. On the other hand, the economization of the health sector will proceed, making these vitally important services unaffordable to an increasing number of people, as the logic of profit in privatized health establishments gains ascendency.

Therefore the struggle of public health care workers is one of crucial importance for the whole of Greek society. It should also be a warning sign for the working population of other European countries, as these processes reflect what happens, and will increasingly happen, everywhere under capitalism.

Solidarity with all Health Care Workers in Greece!
"No" to the Neo-Liberal "Adjustments!"

An injury to one is an injury to all! Solidarity is our weapon!