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Support the Struggle of the BIOME Workers in Greece!

From the IWW International Solidarity Commission (ISC)

BIOME Thessaloniki workers are fighting a recent court action that is attempting to expel them and return their worker-run factory back to its former employer – bosses who had vanished two and a half years ago!

The former employers were given a total of 126 months of imprisonment for debts to workers. Now, however, in collaboration with the appointed trustee, they are asking that BIOME be given a “bankruptcy” status to avoid paying what they owe to the employees, to Social Security, and to the public. They are also requesting that the plant be evacuated of all workers.

This is an outrage to the workers of Greece!

The Industrial Workers of the World declare our support for the workers of BIOME. Their militant struggle and their effort to continue production under workers’ control have prevented employer firings and have opened the way to put resources and life into the hands of our class.

The employer's demands will not stand! You will find us beside the BIOME workers every step of the way! All of us together, we will defend the right of workers to live with dignity.

Dismiss the despicable request to be heard on July 8th!

The Greek Section of the Industrial Workers of the World supports the self-organized workers of ΒΙΟΜΕ Thessaloniki in winning their fight!

Solidarity Forever,
Industrial Workers of the World - Greece