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Victory! ‘Unfair Labor Practice’ Confirmed at Forest Hill Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream


The National Labor Relations Board reached a decision (case 05-CA-062891) this week bringing justice to a fellow worker wrongfully fired from the Forest Hill  Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream in Richmond, Virginia.
On August 18, 2011  (see 'Unfair Labor Practice'  at the Forest Hill Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream?) an 'Unfair Labor Practice' was filed against the local establishment for a violation of an employee's right to engage in concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid protection, as found in Sec. 7. [§ 157.] of the National Labor Relations Act.
The boards decision will require Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream to pay the fellow worker a settlement for lost wages, which includes an agreement that they will not return to their former position with the employer.  Furthermore, Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream must visibly post, for all current workers, and email all former workers, an apology and notice of an employee's right to unionize.


The Richmond Industrial Workers of the World accept the NLRB's decision as a victory for our fellow worker and the working class as whole.  However, the Industrial Workers of the World would like to stress the importance of workers collectively organizing on the shop floor.  The everyday practice of solidarity and direct action as a means to prevent retaliation against our fellow workers should always be the first response, leaving government institutions such as the National Labor Relations Board, whenever possible, as an absolute last resort.