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Solidarity from a Boston SEIU District 925 Member


Mr. Bloch,

It is unacceptable that a group like ACORN that advertises itself as a social justice organization should refuse to allow its own workers to exercise their democratic right to form a union.

It is doubly unacceptable in light of the fact that ACORN is closely affiliated with my union, the Service Employees International Union, which is certainly no stranger to staff unions at its local, regional and international offices.

I must demand that you immediately recognize the Industrial Workers of the World as the union of your staff's choice and begin negotiating with them in good faith for their first contract.

To do otherwise will demonstrate that ACORN richly deserves its reputation as a meatgrinder for committed community activists--using 'em up, and spitting 'em out--and is no friend of American labor.


Jason Pramas
Member SEIU District 925
Boston, MA

p.s.--you will happy to learn that word of your anti-labor stance is already happily percolating throughout the Boston labor movement. . .