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Solidarity from American Postal Workers Union, Local# 28

March 21, 2001

Dear ACORN Management, I am writing on behalf of the American Postal Workers Union, Local # 28 to express our Union's support of striking Seattle ACORN workers with Industrial Workers of the World. It is clear that ACORN management should recognize its workers' Union, as all of Seattle ACORN's organizers have been striking on the picket line since Monday, February 26th. Management's refusal to recognize the union and the bringing in of scab replacements is offensive to the labor movement and disgraceful for an organization that claims to fight for the rights of working people. ACORN's management should be ashamed of themselves.

As Union president, I believe that all workers deserve the working conditions that unions have fought so hard for over the past century. Seattle ACORN workers are asking for the same rights to be extended to them. They are asking for an eight-hour workday, lunch breaks, and paychecks issued on time and paid in-full. These are basic demands. The Greater Seattle Area Local of the APWU, AFL/CIO stands in solidarity with the striking workers. We urge management to recognize the union and begin contract negotiations immediately.

In Solidarity with ACORN workers,

Jeff Mansfield
President, Greater Settle Area Local #28 APWU, AFL-CIO