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The Ballad of the Neptune Jade

Anonymous, 1998

Sailed into Oakland on a Sunday morn
Moored at the dockside blowin her horn
But the Captain's lookin a bit forlorn
There's a picket of the Neptune Jade

The company say we gotta cross the line
Took us to the courtroom 4 more times
Singing "time is money and the money's all mine
So get them boxes movin"

Midnight Tuesday she was in a spin
Sailed around the Bay tried to come back again
But the picket was holding and we wouldn't go in
We're a longshore union

The Neptune Jade's had a change of name
She's the Flying Dutchman once again
Hapag Lloyd must be insane
To call in Liverpool

Headed up to Canada lookin for a berth
Thamesport's screaming for all that they are worth
On Saturday the picket brought them down to earth
Vancouver's in the union

So sail around the world with your hot cargo
Order us to scab and we'll say no
Dockers of the world are set to blow
We're all from Liverpool