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Epilogue - A Job & Political Bunk, by Ernest Riebe

A Job

The mule psychology of the oats-aspiring animal is clearly demonstrated when Block meets Block. Whenever two of the species meet after being separated for some time you can always bet your life that the first question IS about a job. They make a great Hallelujah when they have one. These working animals accept degradation with a satisfied grin. Not only are they satisfied with a job, but they are also thankful for the privilege of slaving their lives away to make a heaven on earth for profiteers. A job means everything to Mr. Block. It looks so valuable to him, because it is so uncertain. He may get fired any minute. When this happens it is a big calamity. The happy grin disappears because the oats are cut short, the stomach starts preaching a serious sermon. Give to a Block the privilege to slave and he is in heaven. He doesn't ask for the good things of life and of civilization. He is satisfied with belly-stuffing. This is practically all that the millions of workers receive in return for the creation of all wealth. Progressive workers demand the full product of their labor, the fruits of civilization.

Political Bunk

The profiteers are very resourceful in buncoing Mr. Block. Election Day is dedicated especially to Mr. Block and his family. They put up a bunch of foxy spell binders label them democrats, republicans, or what not. Then the Block-show is pulled off. The different fakers call each other all kinds of bad names; they have no honor. After election they wine and dine together. The show lasts for months and Mr. Block and his relations enjoy it immensely. The politicians promise meat and the Blocks forget all about liberty steak. If a spellbinder wishes to make a special hit he calls Mr. Block an intelligent sovereign citizen. The dunce almost croaks; he's tickled to death at this. After election he finds out that the wonderful promises are not kept. Election promises are made to be broken. The politician out of office informs Mr. Block that he elected the wrong kind of a fellow. Mr. Block swears revenge to be taken next election when the traitor will be thrown out. Next election it is the same old sham battle again. Only the faces of the fakers are different and some have a bigger belly than others. The assortment of lies and fake issues are also different, to fool Mr. Block more easily.