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The IWW Reply to the Red Trade Union International

By the General Executive Board (Arthur Boose, H. G. Clarke, J.Johnson, Joe Miller, T. C. Smith, Norman Weir, and E. W. Latchem, Chair) of the Industrial Workers of the World, Chicago, Illinois - November 15, 1922.

Context: this document is partly in response to the Communist Internationale to the I.W.W.: appeal of the Executive Committee of the Third Internationale at Moscow.

Scanned and transcribed by x344543, July 20-24, 2011.

Transcribers note: I have made no modifications to this document other than subdividing it into five parts (with three additional attachments), correcting a few spelling errors, and making slight adjustments to the grammar to conform to more current standards.  The hard copy is a xerox from the private collection of FW Robert Rush, provided ca. 1997.