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IWW Resolution on the Communist Party

Adopted by the IWW General Convention, 1946

Whereas: there has been considerable confusion as to the I.W.W. and the Communists, causing some people to believe that we are Communists, and

Whereas: the purposes of the I.W.W. and the Communists are unalterably opposed since the I.W.W. aims at the extension of Industrial Democracy while the Communists aim at the establishing of a party dictatorship over the working class, and

Whereas: the Communists represent the interests, not of labor but of the totalitarian regime in Russia, and

Whereas: for these reasons the Communists have been trying for 25 years to liquidate the I.W.W.,

Therefore be it resolved:

  • First, that we look upon the Communist Party and its fledglings as a major menace to the working class, and
  • Second, that the interests of world peace can best be served by labor movements that clearly represent the interests of Labor and not the interests of any political state, and
  • Third, that we consider that the foolishness of the Communists can best be exposed by assuring them complete civil liberties and,
  • Fourth, that our publicity dealing with Communists follow this resolution and confine itself to factual information exposing their folly and harmfulness to labor.