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Shattuck Cinema Union Wins Back Wages for IWW Union Workers

By Fellow Worker Duncan

Hello Fellow Shattuck Workers,

This is the latest update on Union dealings with the Company. Last time, we mentioned that Unfair Labor Practice charges were filed against Landmark. These charges had to do with the Company review process and wage increases. While many people had gotten some reviews none had received all three reviews as shown in Landmark’s own handbook.

Because this involves money, those missed reviews add up to retroactive pay. As we pointed out before, the days after the charges were filed had the company doing a flurry of reviews. The company wants us to sign off on the back pay/raises immediately. We decided to wait and be sure every worker received a raise, back pay, or both before we agreed. Subsequently, the Company recognized during negotiations, the need to compensate missed reviews with a higher amount of wage increase not based on the point system.

Landmark has admitted to their mistake with the review process and we on the negotiating committee felt it was their mistake to correct. When they correct this mess, back pay/raises will be paid.

One year later with three pay increases plus back pay for missed reviews, we are convinced the Union gives us more power on the job. Any questions about what happened at the bargaining session on Sept. 5th contact Eliska, Lauren or Duncan.