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IWW Organizer Trainings

The IWW is committed to helping workers organize to win demands and change the balance of power in their workplaces. Based on the solidarity unionism framework, our Organizer Trainings will give you the tools, tactics, and strategies to build solidarity with your coworkers and take action to make real changes at your job.

Organizer Training 101: Build the Committee

This introductory training focuses on the nuts and bolts of building an organizing committee in your workplace.

Organizer Training 102: The Committee in Action

This advanced training builds on the 101 and explores how to sustainand grow your organizing long term.

Both trainings are usually held over two eight-hour days. Of course, you won’t become an expert in two days, but we hope you leave with practical skills and the enthusiasm to start or continue organizing.

The trainings have been developed over many years and by many IWW members. They reflect the successes and lessons of countless organizing campaigns and committees, and they are continually being updated to incorporate current experiences.

Attend a training

Upcoming trainings are listed in the General Organizing Bulletin, which every IWW member should receive. You may also contact your nearest branch to find out when their next scheduled OT is, or email the Organizer Training Committee (OTC) at otc [at]

Host a training

The Organizer Training Committee will help your branch or group host a training. Submit the Training Request Form and send us an email, and we’ll be in touch.

Become a trainer

Trainings are facilitated by volunteer trainers. If you are an IWW member and are interested in becoming a trainer for the Organizer Training Program, please complete the Training for Trainers Application Form.

If you have any questions or comments about the Organizer Training Program or the OTC, or for more information about the program and how to put together a training, please email us at otc [at]