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Department 100 - Agriculture and Fisheries

Agricultural Workers Industrial Union 110

All workers who cultivate land, raise crops, or work with livestock including those workers
on farms, ranches, orchards and plantations, and those workers in supporting industries
such as breeding and large animal veterinary services.

Lumber Workers Industrial Union 120

All workers on tree farms, in forestry and logging operations, in saw and shingle mills, in
preparing wood for fuel and manufacture, and in bark, brush and sap collection.

Fishery Workers Industrial Union 130

All workers who fish and harvest on oceans, lakes, and rivers including those workers who
are engaged in receiving, unloading, and processing catches at the wharf and those workers
who specifically distribute these products.

Greeenhouse and Nursery Workers Industrial Union 140

All workers who produce, harvest and process crops grown under cover including those
workers in nurseries, flower gardens, green- and hot- houses, and those workers involved in the distribution of these products.