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Department 600 - Public Service

Health Service Workers Industrial Union 610 

All workers employed in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and medical offices, including workers in rehabilitation centers, medical research services, health-maintenance organizations, medical billing services, and other industries auxiliary to health services.

Incarcerated Workers Industrial Union 613

All incarcerated workers in the Prison Industry.

Education and Research Workers Industrial Union 620

All workers in educational institutions including educators, students (except those mainly employed outside the education industry), and those in industries auxiliary to education including testing services, educational consulting services, dedicated school bus services, etc. All workers in research institutions including foundations and museums, enterprises primarily engaged in providing technical and scientific services, and in research laboratories not attached to educational institutions.

Performing Arts, Recreation, and Tourism Workers Industrial Union 630

All workers involved in the creation and dissemination of the performing arts including writers, dancers, and performing artists in theaters, concert halls, opera houses, movie theatres, and similar establishments. All workers involved in the recreation and tourist industries including amusement parks, carnivals, race tracks, casinos, cruise ships, guiding services and tourist information centres. All workers involved in providing auxiliary services to the industry including food and beverage, catering, talent booking, set and costume
production, equipment and location rentals, etc.

Freelance and Temporary Workers Industrial Union 631

All workers who are engaged in multiple industries on a temporary or short-term contractual basis who obtain their own clients or are engaged through employment and temporary staffing agencies including writers, editors, language teachers, translators, photographers, videographers, sound technicians, visual artists, graphic artists, designers, programmers, call centre workers, warehouse workers, construction workers, etc.

Restaurant, Hotel, and Catering Workers Industrial Union 640

All workers in facilities for food and beverage services, public accommodation, and catering services not dedicated to serving a particular industry.

General, Legal, Public Interest, and Financial Office Workers Industrial Union 650

All workers who provide legal services including those in law offices and attorneys who are actual wage- workers, title settlement offices, title-search services, notary offices, and those who provide services to the legal industry including law publishers, private investigators, legal researchers, and brief-writing and transcription services. All workers who provide financial and insurance services including those in banks, stock and commodities exchanges, real estate, accounting, and insurance companies. All workers for enterprises primarily engaged in providing humane services to the public, other than health services, including those in religious, charitable, public advocacy, employment agencies, community, and service organizations not otherwise organized.

Government Workers Industrial Union 651

All civil service workers at the federal, state, provincial, county, and municipal levels not otherwise organized including office staff, librarians, utility and construction inspectors, firefighters, recreation workers, and public works.

Retail Workers Workers Industrial Union 660

All workers in retail establishments unless otherwise organized.

Utility and Sanitation Workers Industrial Union 670

All non-government workers engaged in the supply, maintenance, and transmission of gas,
electric, water, and sewer services. All workers employed in the collection and processing of
disposable and recyclable materials.

Household and Personal Service Workers Industrial Union 680

All workers performing services in and around the home including homemakers, cooks, maids, and house cleaning services. All workers performing personal services for individuals and families including barber shops, beauty salons, massage services, dry cleaning and laundry establishments, tailor shops, funeral parlors and crematoria, veterinary offices and other animal care centers.

Sex Industry Workers Industrial Union 690

All workers who use sexuality as the primary tool of their industry including telephone and webcam sex workers, actors, erotic massage services, erotic and escort services, and dancers and models in night clubs, exotic dance clubs and peep shows.