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IWW Chronology (1912 - 1915)

Originally Titled, 95 Years of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, by Michael Hargis - featured in Anarcho Syndicalist Review, #27 and #28.


  • Wobblies join Magonistas in insurrection in Baja California, briefly proclaim the Baja Commune. U.S. troops invade Mexico for crush the rebellion; IWW-led General Strike in Tampico, Mexico for release of political prisoners crushed by army.
  • William Z. Foster leaves IWW and forms Syndicalist League of North America to "bore from within" AFL.
  • Socialist Party forbids those who oppose political action or advocate sabotage to belong to the party.
  • Bill Haywood recalled from NEC. Many IWWs leave SPA.
  • Bread and Roses Strike - 25,000 textile workers strike in Lawrence, MA, call for IWW leadership. IWW leaders Joseph Ettor and Arturo Giovanitti arrested for the murder of striker Anna Lo Pizza.
  • Formation of Forest and Lumber Workers Industrial Union.
  • IWW textile strike in Lowell, MA (18,000 workers).
  • Strike at National Malleable Casting in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Lumber workers strike throughout Gray's Harbor region (Hoquiam, Raymond, Cosmopolis and Aberdeen, WA).
  • Strike of railroad construction crews against Great Northern and Grand Trunk lines. IWW establishes "1,000 mile picket line."
  • First use of the term "Wobbly" in IWW publications.
  • Strike of organ and piano builders in New York.
  • Two-week strike against American Radiator in Buffalo (5,000 workers).
  • Unsuccessful national lumber workers strike.
  • Strikes at Warner Refining in Edgewater, NY and Corn Products Refining in Shadyside, NJ;
  • Strike at Avery Implements in Peoria, IL.
  • Brotherhood of Timber Workers affiliates with Forest and Lumber Workers Industrial Union, IWW; strikes Galloway Lumber Company in Grabow, LA. Three strikers killed and 58 arrested for defending themselves, acquitted in December.
  • Textile strike in New Bedford, MA (11,000) Dockworkers strike in San Pedro, CA.
  • Tobacco worker strikes in Pittsburgh and McKees Rock, PA.
  • Ettor and Gionvanitti trial ends in acquittal.


  • Strike instigated by IWW dual-carders in AFL Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union against the Astor and other premier hotels in New York City.
  • Patterson Silk Strike - Silkworkers strike in Paterson, NJ (25,000 workers);
  • 150 tire builders strike Firestone Tire in Akron, OH;
  • BTW in 7-month strike against American Lumber Company (1,200 workers)
  • Textile strike in Ipswitch, NY
  • Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union formed by Philadelphia, PA, longshoremen as a result of spontaneous strike.
  • Strike against Studebaker, car manufacturer (6,000 workers); short strikes against Metal Wheel in Detroit and Foyer Brothers in Toledo.
  • Strike against Dry Slitz Stogie leads to lockout of 1200 workers in Pittsburgh, PA, 800 IWW cigar workers strike in retaliation.
  • Dock workers strike for safety equipment in Duluth, MN set up branch of MTW;
  • Wheatland Riots - Hop pickers strike against Durst Ranch in Wheatland, CA. Gun battle results in indictment and conviction of IWW organizers Ford and Suhr who are sentenced to 15 years in prison.
  • Textile strike in Baltimore, MD undermined by AFL scabs. BTW strike in Sweet Home, LA.


  • World War I begins in Europe.
  • 3,000 unemployed demonstrate in Detroit; IWW gains control of Unemployed Convention in San Francisco. New York unemployed, led by Wobbly Frank Tannenbaum, occupy churches; Union Square unemployed riot.
  • Sioux City, Iowa, free speech fight.
  • IWW Unemployed League organized in Detroit.


  • Detroit IWW, aka Workers International Industrial Union, dissolves.
  • AWO Established - Agricultural Workers Organization 400 (later renamed Agricultural Workers Industrial Union 110) founded in Kansas City, MO, introduces the job delegate system into IWW.
  • Joe Hill Executed - Joe Hill, IWW organizer, executed by copper bosses in Utah.