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Food and Retail Chain Workers Organizing Project

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Industrial Unions 460 & 640

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The Food Chain Workers Organizing Project is an effort by workers in Portland’s thriving food and beverage production, distribution, and service industries.  We produce, package, deliver, stock, cook, and serve the food and drinks that our community needs and enjoys.

We organize for respect, as well as the power to improve our working conditions and the value of our work.  Not only do we organize to halt the current race to the bottom of our conditions, wages and benefits, but as skilled workers we are capable and deserving of a greater voice in the work we do.

Our organizing method is Solidarity Unionism, empowering workers through direct action to improve their lives at work.  This means organizing with the fellow workers who work along side us, share the same industry and are our neighbors in our community.

The I.W.W. is a union open to all workers.  As a union member you gain:

  • An Injury to One, Is an Injury to All” : Immediate access to a network of food & beverage workers in Portland and around the country who support each other.
  • “Every Worker an Organizer” : The opportunity to gain the skills and training to improve your working conditions through direct action.

The Union is our organization: created by workers for workers.  We are making gains on the job.  Contact us to find out how you can, too.

Email: pdx.foodworkers [at]
Phone: (503) 231-5488