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IWW Campaigns

Current IWW Campaigns

The followng campaigns have been declared public by their organizers.  Not all such campaigns are listed here, though we hope to make this list as complete as possible.  The IWW is also engaged in numerous campiagns that we have not made public.  Stay tuned for news about these campaigns as they happen.

Historic IWW Campaigns

Not all campaigns ever undertaken by the IWW are listed here (yet).  Most of them date from 1995 or later--which is due to them having been documented on the website and that information retained--until 2005, when the IWW.ORG site was converted to a dynamic content driven site and campaign press releases were hereafter posted as news.  A fairly comprehensive list of IWW campaigns (from 1905-99) is detailed in our historical chronology.

Historic Campaigns are listed in ascending chronological order, based on starting date.  Also listed are the specific industrial union(s) represented in the campaign (if applicable) or if the campaign was a general or solidarity campaign.




* Current shop.
+ Not an official campaign, but one organized by one or more IWW members.