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Shut Down the Port of Oakland - June 28, 2004

Independent Truckers around the United States will be striking on June 28 - July 4 to demand higher pay and better working conditions.

Oakland is united and is in solidarity with the June 28 shutdown. But due to the civil lawsuits against the OAKLAND 3 troqueros are scared to picket due to a possible injunction and due to the threat by the PORT of OAKLAND initiating further civil actions against troqueros.

There are no injunctions that we know of prohibiting NON-troquores from picketing and this time we need the help of the community to (wo)man the picket lines!

Picketers are needed early Monday morning, starting at 6am outside the APL terminal and at the UP terminal down the street showing solidarity with the nationwide shutdown. If troqueros see no picket signs they might believe that the Port of Oakland has succeeded in stopping the troquero labor movement and might reluctantly return to work. Again, non-troqueros are desperately needed at the Port of Oakland to let the troqueros and the Port of Oakland know that our Nationwide movement is for real and will not be shut down by this government agency through attempts to abuse of our financial inability to defend ourselves against civil lawsuits.

We must include as our main demand that the Port of Oakland drop all litigation against the Oakland 3 or they will earn the same reputation as the Port of Charleston did with the Charleston 5. Much like with the Neptune Jade we must be ready, willing, and able, to enforce a strong boycott against any cargo coming to or from the Port of Oakland unless it drops all charges, civil, or criminal. Economic torture can be used by the workers as well.

Please include statements of solidarity at all rallies and pickets in support of the OAKLAND 3!

The Oakland 3 are victims of ECONOMIC IMPRISONMENT, a state of the art tool to keep workers from organizing. We must have signs

"Justice for the Oakland 3"

"Solidarity with the Nationwide Shutdown"

We need to keep the pickets going as long as the truckers remain on strike. The planned duration of the strike is from June 28 - July 4.

Transportation to the port of Oakland is easiest by automobile or BART (use the West Oakland station).

For details and/or transportation call the Bay Area IWW at (415) 863-9627

Disclaimer - Please note that this is not an IWW action. These truckers have organized themselves independently and the IWW is reposting this announcement in solidarity with the truckers. This action is open to all who support struggling wage earners.

An Injury to One is an Injury to All!