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Major League Sweatshop Digest - May 12, 2002

The anti-sweatshop protesters at PNC Park today were filled with joy, even considering the nasty rain, again. We felt the solidarity from the Phoenix GMB at Bank One Ball Park on the June 6th and we are filled with anticipation of an action in Milwaukee during the All Star Games in July. We are ready and anxious to get into our community this month build for a PNC Park anti-sweatshop action on the 4th of July. talking about union organizing rights for sweatshop workers while the Bucco play Houston.

To educate about sweatshops during the month of June and build for July, we need a new piece of educational material that calls out specific sweatshop bosses and team owners, that empowers anti-sweatshop activist across the land to hook up and head on down to the ball park. We invite you help write and use the first issue of the Major League Sweatshop Digest, and then use it to build for Major League (or Minor League) sweatshop actions in July.

This is how you can help bring an end to MLB tyranny in the in the Global Sweatshop Industry - Make a plan for an action in July. Choose a big game to target your own team - or visit the Pirate web-site and the Buccos (of any of the Minor League teams) when they come to your town . then send us your contact information and the date that you've chosen. We'll publish it in the Digest along with most current anti-sweatshop MLB news. You can then use at meetings to talk about sweatshops and build for your action. Our goal is to go to press on March 28 - even if you don't get something in on time, you can still use the ML Sweatshop Digest with a local supplement.

Obviously, the more locations with ML Sweatshop actions in July the more successful the ML Sweatshop Digest will be. If you've been thinking, even a little bit about joining this fight, now is a good time. Choose a date in ball game in July and call us up. 412-231-2085. You'll be empowered to talk about sweatshops with great new piece of anti-sweatshop educational material throughout the month of June. This is a fight we can win, this fight can build the Union, and this is an extension of our civil rights to sweatshop workers struggling to organize. The Bucs are going all the way this year!

For the One Big Union, Kenneth X346812