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Anti-Sweatshop Home Opener

Please Nore: The following announcement is posted here for historical background information; the action described here has already taken place.

We will meet at noon at Allegheny Landing, the labor park right across from the Center Field Gate. The "surveyors" stand at the entrance. Let's talk to Pirate fans about sweatshops. Here is some blurbs on what we can expect Saturday and some other exciting campaign news.

AND PLEASE - at the bottom of this email is that campaign email list information. Find the right list for you, there are 2 - choose one or both?

  • TALK TO PIRATE FANS ABOUT SWEATSHOPS - we will be talking and petitioning and distributing 8000 copies of the first NO SWEATSHOPS BUCCO! game leaflet. We have been working on some beautiful signs - BREAD and ROSES TOO, 100 years of sweatshop struggle - Another fist full of Pirate Fans Against Sweatshops - Free Trade is not fair trade, organizing rights now - (new era logo) Chris Koch Sweatshop Boss.
  • BANNER DROP - 9 by 12 NO SWEATSHOPS BUCCO - drop it for the fans during the 7th inning stretch?
  • CIVIL RIGHTS ON THE SIDEWALKS - yep, we still seem to have them here in America. The Sports and Exhibition Authority will either settle with us today - or we will see them in Federal Court tomorrow. Either way, the space will belong to the people on Saturday.
  • ANTI-SWEATSHOP EDUCATION - we are going to talk and testify about sweatshops during the game. Who are sweatshop workers and what do they have to do with Pirate fans? Learn 10 easy ways to say it in 30 words or less. What can we do to stop sweatshops?
  • Food, we are working on food.
  • TALK TALK TALK to Baseball fans about sweatshops.

Actions in the hopper:

  • Marching on the Pirates, yes, again and again and again.
  • Petition City Council for hearing on the issue.
  • Follow up with the Sports and Exhibition Authority.
  • Leafleting and petitioning and setting up a buddy system to build this campaign.
  • Future newsletter crews - bigger, more aggressive sweatshop muck raking.

Other thrilling developments:

We got arrested getting it, but we actually were able to grab from the jaws of the police the list of companies and countries where Bucco stuff is made. It is time to cross reference it with the Full Public Disclosure lists provided by the universities. Let's find some workers and make strategic campaign decisions.

It looks like we will have some first hand reports from free trade zones in several parts of the world this summer. Let's make the most of them!

We've got another month of school left. What will we look like when school let's out? Who knows, what we do in the next month - SWEATSHOP EDUCATION - will make the difference.

For the One Big Union, Kenneth X346812