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NLRB Denies Dallas ACORN's Appeal of IWW Charges

Summary - On March 27, 2003, the National Labor Relations Board of the United States of America ruled that ACORN violated labor law by intimidating and unfairly laying off three employees who were trying to improve their working conditions and supported the IWW union organizing effort. Below we quote the NLRB's ruling on the case. Also at the bottom of the page we include the link to the NLRB website including the full text of the ruling, which gives the details of the case and we encourage you to read.

Conclusions of Law:

  • 1) By interrogating employees about their union activities, by informing employees that other employees have been discharged because of the Union, by threatening employees that selecting the Union to represent them will be futile, and by threatening employees with discharge, Respondent [ACORN] has violated Section 8(a)(1) of the Act.

  • 2) By laying off Gigi Nevils, Sarah Stephens, and Erin Howley, Respondent [ACORN] has violated Section 8(a)(3) and (1) of the Act.

  • 3) The violations set forth above are unfair labor practices affecting commerce within the meaning of the Act."

Read the full text of the NLRB ruling.