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IWW Chronology (1972 - 1977)

Originally Titled, 95 Years of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, by Michael Hargis - featured in Anarcho Syndicalist Review, #27 and #28.


  • Two week strike against Park International, Long Beach, CA.
  • Part-time workers strike at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
  • Portland, OR: Boycott organized against Winchell's donuts to win fired IWW her job back;
  • Organizing drive at Winter Products furniture factory defeated when eight IWW organizers fired.
  • Construction workers job branch in Vancouver refused certification from Canadian Labor Board.


  • Controversy over filing union financial statement with federal government (required to participate in NLRB proceedings by the LandrumGriffin Act). Referendum upholds practice.
  • Canadian Administration abolished.
  • IWW establishes Regional Organizing Committees to replace national administrations. ROCs established in Great Britain, Sweden, Canada.
  • Chicago, IL: Organizing drive at McDonalds Restaurants; organizing drive at Eclectic Inc. furniture manufacturer.
  • State College, PA: Drives at Roy Rogers and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants.
  • Drive at Pizza Hut restaurant, Arkadelphia, AR.
  • Milwaukee, WI: IWW attempt to organize a local at East Side Shop-Rite supermarket thwarted by intervention of Retail Clerks International Union AFL-CIO.
  • Chicago IWW member Frank Terrugi killed by military during coup d'etat in Santiago, Chile.
  • Unemployed agitation and support for Meatcutter's strike against Doug's Shop and Save supermarkets, Orono-Bangor, ME.


  • Portland, OR: IWW organizes West Side School and the Albina Day Care Center, force re-hiring of unionist and firing of day care director.
  • Metal and Machinery Workers IU 440 Organizing Committee set up in Chicago and launches drive at small metal working shops in the city.
  • IWW supports Artistic Woodwork Strike in Toronto and suffer a number of arrests.
  • IWW journalist Frank Gould disappeared while covering guerrilla rebellion, Philippines.


  • IWW 35th Convention establishes Industrial Organizing Committee to bring together IWW members with organizing skills to help out with organizing drives. Fred Thompson mandated to issue an IOC Bulletin. Nothing comes of it.
  • Some New York members set up a "Friends of IWA" group.


  • Chicago, IL: Strike support work for striking child-care workers (Augustana Nursery); Cook County Hospital nurses; and Capitol Packaging; Enforces Boycott of Kingston Mines nightclub to force owner to pay wages earned to a band, which included two Wobs; Health Workers IU610 Organizing Committee established; Construction Workers job branch established on South Side.
  • New York City General Defense Committee establishes international Libertarian Labor Fund to raise money for CNT in Spain. Sponsors tour of North America by veteran anarcho-syndicalist Augustin Souchy. The tour raised over $3000.
  • Job branch established at Kochum's Shipyard, Malmo, Sweden.
  • IWW Shop Stewards Committee in AFSCME local at Bangor (ME) Mental Health Institute leads one-day wildcat strike.
  • IWW issues solidarity assessment stamp to support CNT reconstruction.


  • Chicago's IU440 Committee takes on organizing drive at Mid-America Machinery, Virden, IL. Majority of workers in the shop, concerned primarily about safety, sign-up in union and demand recognition. Boss locks them out. IWW files ULP charges and pickets the work-site and auctions. Company sues union and organizer for $50,000 each (both suits later dismissed). Wob Rick Wehlitz fired for sabotage.
  • IU670 (Public Service Workers) organizing campaign among CETA trainees and Bus Washers in Santa Cruz, CA. For some CETA trainees the IWW won better wages, health and dental benefits, safer working conditions, grievance procedures, legal insurance, paid holidays and vacations, 32 hours' work for 40 hours' pay, retirement benefits, profit sharing, and the elimination of sexual, racial and other forms of discrimination. Bus washers: 100% signed up, two fired but company forced to re-hire, and harassment of union members. Finally workers forced to join other union which had previously barred them.
  • Branch supports striking auto trades mechanics, Tacoma, WA.
  • IU 630 (Entertainment and Recreation Workers) Network Conference establishes a Clearinghouse in Chicago and issues a model contract for use of musicians when landing gigs; Branch solidarity with Dresher Manufacturing strikers who were abandoned by Teamster Local 743. Support helps win decent contract.
  • La Migra busts Dresher unionists.
  • Albuquerque, NM: IU310 (General Construction Workers) drive among Rio Grande Conservancy District construction project. 20 sign authorization cards and 6 join union. 3 workers fired in retaliation.