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Father Thomas J. Haggerty's Wheel

The One Big Union Structure

of the


"A labor organization to correctly represent the working class must have two things in view:

  • First - It must combine the wage-workers in such a way that it can most successfully fight the battles and protect the interests of the working class in their struggle for shorter hours, more wages, and better job conditions.
  • Second - It must offer a final solution of the labor problem: an emancipation from strikes, jail, and scabbing.

Study the chart and observe how this organization provides the means for control of shop affairs, provides perfect industrial unionism, and converges the strengths of all organized workers to a common center, from which any weak point can be strengthened and protected."

--from an IWW leaflet published ca. 1950s

The wheel has been slightly amended over the years. Three new Industrial Unions were added since this graphic was produced:

  • Data Storage and Retrieval Workers Industrial Union 570 (since combined with IU 560);
  • Household Service Workers Industrial Union 680; and
  • Sex Trade Workers Industrial Union 690

IU 650 and IU 670 have been reorganized somewhat.

For a brief bio on Thomas Haggery, see this page.