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IWW stands in solidarity with Workers of Neupack Verpackungen!

Workers of Neupack Verpackungen GmbH - a German Manufacturer of wrapping materials - are on strike for better working conditions and a labor agreement. They complain about unequal and generally low wages and an arbitrary and disrespectful management style. Even though they struggle for many weeks now, the company’s proprietors show hardly any willingness to make concessions. They have hired foreign strikebreakers and attack the striking workers with disciplinary warnings, dismissals and offence reports.

The German IWW supports the workers’ cause and asks you to show them some international support as well

They have launched an e-mail campaign and prepared some pre-formulated and addressed e-mails to selected recipient’s who have a significant role in this struggle. These e-mails  are provided in English too and can be generated with a mouse click. All you had to do is to sign and send them off. You can of course change the content of the mails to personalize them if you like. It would be great if you added information from where you are writing.

The German Wobblies rely on many of you to participate for they are still small in numbers and their only strength is in their internationality. For many long weeks now, the Neupack Workers hold out in front of their factories in a grueling labor conflict. This campaign would only cost you a couple of minutes in front of your computer.

Link to english section of the campaign site:

Thanks for your solidarity!
Hamburg Wobblies