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A. S. Embree

Adolphus Embree was born in 1877 in Newfoundland. He became a labor organizer and member of the IWW. He was chairman of the strike committee for Mine Metal Workers International Union Local 800 in Bisbee in 1917. He was deported by vigilantes to Columbus, New Mexico along with 1,1865 other striking workers and supporters on July 12, 1917. After leaving Camp Furlong at Columbus in September 1917 he returned to Bisbee where he was arrested for inciting to riot by Cochise County sheriff Harry Wheeler. The trial venue was moved to Tucson. After hearing the evidence, jury deliberated for five minutes before returning a verdict of not guilty. Embree was charged in the general roundup of IWW leaders in 1918 but wasn’t tried or convicted. He continued organizing for the IWW and was arrested, tried and convicted of “criminal syndicalism” in Idaho, for which he received a ten-year sentence (he served three years.)