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Minutes of the IWW Founding Convention - Part 11


Industrial Workers of the World


Tuesday, July 4


Chairman Haywood called the convention to order at nine o’clock A. M.

On motion the calling of the roll of delegates was dispensed with. Secretary Trautmann read the minutes of the previous day’s proceedings.

THE CHAIRMAN: You have heard the minutes. Are there any corrections?

DEL. SAUNDERS: I don’t know whether there was any action taken or whether there was a report on a resolution that I presented two days ago in regard to the eligibility of members. I am not quite sure as to where it was referred to, whether to the Constitution Committee or the Resolutions Committee or what, but I have heard nothing of it since. I would like to know if any action has been taken or whether there is any report from the committee.

THE CHAIRMAN: Will the Secretary inform the brother?

THE SECRETARY: I don’t know the number of that resolution. It was referred to the Constitution Committee, and they have not reported on it.

THE CHAIRMAN: Are there any corrections to be made in the minutes? If not, they are approved.

The Secretary announced that there were no communications.


DEL. WHITE: The Credentials Committee desires that all credentials be presented here at this time. We do not propose to wait on individual credentials much longer. Here are two delegates recommended to the convention, to be seated with one vote each: John Spielman, bookbinder, Chicago; L. Bingstrom, No. 73, Sheet Metal Workers, Chicago.

On motion the report of the committee was concurred in and the delegates seated.


DEL. HELD: The Committee on Ratification Meeting report their work well under way, and the committee report progress.


DEL. DE LEON: In the absence of the secretary, I wish to say that we were instructed to report that the Committee on Constitution will be ready to report at two o’clock this afternoon. We report progress.


DEL. COATES, OF THE RESOLUTION COMMITTEE: The following resolution, No. 20, was referred to this committee:

“In view of the fact that the present form of capitalism is increasing organized violence to perpetuate the spirit of despotism to predominate in this republic; be it

“Resolved, That we condemn militarism in all its forms and functions, which are jeopardizing our constitutional rights and privileges in the struggle between capital and labor; be it further

“Resolved, That any member accepting a salaried position to defend capitalism, directly or indirectly, shall be denied the privilege of membership in this organization.