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'GRTC Transit Study Task Force': A Richmond Transit Riders Union Open Letter

Richmond Transit Riders Union
220 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220
[email protected]

Dear Mayor Dwight C. Jones, Council Persons and CEO John M. Lewis Jr.,

In regards to Councilpersons Tyler & Conner's paper calling for a 'GRTC Transit Study Task Force' [Ord. No. 2010-173], the Richmond Transit Riders Union understands that a similar study has already been presented. We are concerned that another such study would be redundant.

The Greater Richmond Transit Company's 387 page 'Comprehensive Operations Analysis' [ ] was conducted over a three year period from 2004 – 2007 outlining many strategies, trends, regional demographics, and grievances taken directly from the ridership.

Councilperson Tyler stated during the September 23, 2010 'Governmental Operations Committee' meeting that he had not yet read this analysis.

GRTC's study already contains valuable information and suggestions, even possible solutions that would help to increase ridership and move GRTC towards a more equitable and efficient public transportation system.

Before another 'Task Force' is considered, we ask that City Council and GRTC please look over this analysis and consider the suggestions echoed in the Richmond Transit Riders Union's September 13th, 2010 letter.

Thank you for your consideration,
Richmond Transit Riders Union