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Department 400 - Manufacture and General Production

Textile and Leather Workers Industrial Union 410

All workers who manufacture material from natural or synthetic fibers, process or distribute leather and leather substitutes, or fabricate wearing apparel.

Wood Processing and Furniture Workers Industrial Union 420

All workers who process wood products or build wood furniture.

Chemical Workers Industrial Union 430

All workers who produce chemically-based products such as drugs, paint, rubber, explosives, medicines, chemicals, plastics, and synthetic fibers.

Metal and Machinery Workers Industrial Union 440

All workers in metal production including steel mills, aluminum plants, tool and die shops, and other metal-related industries. All workers engaged in the production, repair, or maintenance of metal or composite products including agricultural machinery, automobiles, locomotives, bicycles, or aircraft.

Printing and Publishing Workers Industrial Union 450

All workers who produce and distribute newspapers, books, catalogues, and other printed matter including reporters, journalists, staff writers, photographers, graphic artists, researchers, and programmers within the publishing industry.

Food Product Workers Industrial Union 460

All workers, except agricultural and fishery workers, who produce, process and distribute foodstuffs, beverages, and tobacco products.

Electronics and Instrument Workers Industrial Union 470

All workers who manufacture and assemble electronic devices, musical instruments, jewellery and timepieces, and components of technical, medical, and scientific instruments.

Glass, Pottery, and Mineral Workers Industrial Union 480

All workers who produce glass, pottery, chinaware, tile, bricks, wallboard, lime, gypsum, cement, abrasives, and other non-metallic mineral products other than fuels.

Pulp and Paper Mill Workers Industrial Union 490

All workers in pulp and paper mills.