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Not One Day Longer!

By Arthur J Miller

The social/economic arrangement we find ourselves living in has one class producing the needs of our world while another class controls and profits from that production. One class receives the lion's share of the wealth produced by the other class. One class makes the laws while the other class has those laws enforced upon them. One class hordes the benefits of society while the other class lives in want.

Whereas; those who profit from production, but do not produce themselves, have given themselves the right of unlimited organization in their own self-interest. They control vast multinational corporations.

They control the governments and the laws created by those governments and the courts that enforce those laws. They control vast organizations of the mutual self-interests of corporations, and they control the international agreements imposed by those organizations. They control the conditions under which the producers are forced to labor under. They control the meager wages the producers receive for their labor.

This class lives in extreme decadent self-indulgence, having far more than they can ever hope to use.

Whereas; those that produce the needs of society find a great resistance to any form of organization of their own self-interest. They find laws that are passed that limit their ability to organize. They find laws passed that limit their ability to use their organized power. They find the enforcers of laws enforcing laws of the non producing class over the producing class and rarely enforcing laws that benefit the producers. They find that they are forced to labor at the lowest possible wages and in the conditions that profit the non producing class the most.

Therefore - the non producing class keeps on getting richer, and the producing class keeps on getting poorer.

Therefore - a struggle between the non producers and the producers has always and will always continue until the producers seize the means of production and the benefits of the fruits of their labor.

It is the enviable right of those that produce the fruits of labor to struggle for their fair share of that production. In that struggle the producers find their struggle limited by the non producers laws, police, armies and courts. These limitations leave the producers struggling weakly and mostly inefficiently.

The time must come when the producers break the chains of the limitations imposed upon them and use the full extent of the capabilities of their organized power.

In any struggle the greatest determining factor in the outcome of that struggle lies within organized power. The non producing class has a great bit of organized power and they continued to build that organized power.

The producing class's organizing power still lies in its infancy.

Regardless of the state of organization, the potential organized power of the producing class is far greater than that of the non producing class.

For all the hoarded wealth, for all the laws and enforcers the non producers have working for them, the non producers have one great weakness; they produce nothing and are dependent upon the producing class for their very survival. The power of production is the greatest human power that exists. That power of production lies with the hands of the producers to organize and to use.

All producers should do as the non producing class has done and that is to organize in their own self-interest on a local, regional, national and international level all held together with a bond of universal solidarity.

Whenever a group of producers are forced to withhold their labor in a strike or are locked out of their jobs by a lockout by the non producers the following steps should be taken.

  • No worker should ever supply a job on strike or locked out with any goods or services.
  • No worker should ever cross the picket line of any striking or locked out workers.
  • No worker should ever do the work that would have been done by striking or locked out workers.
  • No worker should ever handle any goods produced by scabs.
  • No worker should ever consume any product produced by scabs.

Given the extent that large corporations control many different companies and industries, when ever a strike or lockout occurs the organized power of the producers should withhold its labor from any and all component parts of corporations or industries as long as that condition exists.

In the event that the non producing class attempts to use the repressive forces organized for their benefit then the withholding of labor by the producing class shall be extended to the point that the repressive forces have to withdraw.

Be it the struggle of one worker or be it the struggle of a billion workers; the universal standard of the organized power of the producing class should be; an injury to one is an injury to all.

The organized power of the producing class should be built upon the realization that our power lies in the unity of our class. No workers, regardless of what ever labor they do, regardless of where they live, regardless of race, sex, age, religion or any other differences; shall ever be left behind. There shall be no separate peace.

Regardless of how much any wish for peace and reconciliation between the non producers and the producers, the conflict between these classes will continue as long as the non producers control the wealth and conditions of production. This conflict can only end when the organized power of the producers is greater than the organized power of the non producers and the producers use that power to take control of production and use it for the benefit of all and thus forcing the non producers to become productive members of society.

When we workers learn to organize in our own self-interests, stand in universal solidarity with each other and use the strength of our organized power, no longer will we ever again find ourselves fighting alone. We will no longer stand abandon out on picket lines facing powerful bosses. We will no longer fight from a point of weakness. This has been our fate in the past, but if we organize our power and use it, our past fate will continue not one day longer.