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IWW Documents Library

The documents contained in this library include:

  • Documents by IWW Members (or the General Administration of the IWW) about the IWW;
  • Documents by IWW Members on subjects more-or-less relevant to the IWW;
  • Documents by former (or future) members (or supporters) of the IWW on either of the previous two categories;
  • Documents by IWW Members on other subjects that are included here because of their notoriety.

Documents are arranged by author and then in chronological order:

IWW Documents
Judi Bari
Paul Brissenden
James P. Cannon
Ralph Chaplin
Noam Chomsky
Jonathan Christiansen
Juan Conatz
James Connolly
Eugene V. Debs
Daniel DeLeon
Sam Dolgoff
Justus Ebert
Greg Jackson
Joseph Ettor
William Z Foster
Luther Gaylord
Elizabeth G Flynn
Big Bill Haywood
Mother Jones
Jason Justice
Helen Keller
James Kennedy
Gilbert Mers
William Meyers
Arthur J. Miller
Walter T. Nef
Lucy Parsons
Grover H. Perry
John Reimann
James Rowan
Vincent Saint John
Tom Scribner
Walker C. Smith
Jane Street
William E. Trautmann
Abner Woodruff
One Big Union Monthly
IWW Branches
Misc. Documents

Unless otherwise indicated, None of these are currently official documents of the IWW. Some of them may have been at one time or another in the past, but in either case,they should not be regarded as the official position of the IWW and are included here for educational, informational, and historic purposes only. Indeed, some of the positions taken by individuals in some of the included documents even contradict or dispute positions taken by writers of other included documents.

This library is extensive and inclusive of many documents of relevance to the IWW, but it is by no means complete or even exhaustive. Sound and images are at least as important as text.

That said, it is necessary to point out that there are literally 100s, if not 1000s of historic IWW documents and there is little chance that we will be finished uploading them to this page any time soon.  Indeed, if you know of an IWW document that should be featured here, please contact tech [at] with the document and a description of its contents.

Additional Sources for IWW and IWW Related Documents