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Three Poems

The Outgrown - By Ernie Crook

Like an ox in modern traffic
Like a sword in modern fray
Or a scythe in modern harvest
Is our scheme of buy and pay
Own and borrow, get and corner
Trade and barter, hire and loan
Taking interest, rent, and profits
While our Brothers sigh and moan
Millions idle, robots taking
Jobs from living, mortal men

So our barns burst out with surplus
Goods that mean but mere refuse
Dead machines, they eat not, wear not
They produce, but never use
This sad scheme is dead and done with
Useless 'tis to patch and mend
Junk the System! Spread the bounty!
Bring this folly to an end!
Let resources God has given
Minister to mortal men

America Speaks (Talking to Herself) - By H.I. Phillips

More now from the Redwood Ripsaw of Davenport, California.

To meet both ends I seldom can
But I'm a help to Pakistan
it's hard to keep my shirt and pants>
But after all I'm fond of France
I guess I'll have to break my lease
I must cooperate with Greece
Hedged in by debts quite vast I am
But I must not neglect Siam

The wolf from door I can't repel
Still, I must keep Burma well
By Tuesday I am out of dough
Maylaya's feeling better though
My dollar very little buys
But Egypt's safer I surmise
My own financial outlook's murky
But still my heart belongs to Turkey

I'm busted flat and feeling blue
But I'm a pal to Timbuktu
We're adding breadcrumbs to our hash
Who cares? Ain't Tito short of cash?
The sheriffs knocking at my door
However England's asking more
I'm in a hole but feeling noble
Wish that I weren't quite so Global

Fooster Doodle Dandy - By Tom Scribner

(Tune: Yankee Doodle Dandy) - From the pages of Lumberjack News; at the time John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State.

Foster Dulles had a dream
(It surely was a phony)
He dreamed he had the Russkies down
(And feeding them baloney)

Foster Dulles keep it up
Foster Doodle Dandy
Mind the missiles and the bombs
And keep the cold war handy

The Red Chinese got in the act
(And so did Fidel Castro)
Should Foster Dulles keep it up
'Twill surely mean "Disastro"

Foster Dulles keep it up
Foster Doodle Dandy
Mind the missiles and the bombs
And keep the cold war handy