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The Centralia Conspiracy

By Ralph Chaplin (1919)

Note to readers:  the web version of this document omits the many images (due to the images' poor contrast and resolution) and their descriptive captions, which--although informative--are also covered in the general narrative.  For the complete document, including images and captions, please download this PDF Version of the document.

This document has been subdivided to allow for quicker load times and more digestable reading.  The following divisions are not part of the original document.

Preface to the 1973 edition (by Charles H. Kerr, 1973 and Work Place Publishers) - Work Place Publishers is an attempt by members of the Austin Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World to provide historical literature on class struggle. All proceeds from this publication will go to the Austin Branch, to be used by its members in what ever way they feel to be most productive in fanning the flames of working class discontent. it is our belief that one day the working class will cast off the yoke of capitalist oppression and exploitation and assume its historical role as Master of Industry. It is with this in mind that we are proud to present this edition of the Centralia Conspiracy.