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Chapter 33 - What's Going On? (June 1965)

Now for another editorial from the Redwood Ripsaw of June 1965.

The last issue went over better than ever. Many comments received such as "bold" forthright, and no few letters, all of them favorable. One letter said in part, "The best and clearest explanation of imperialism I have ever read. Send me twenty copies."

Some people in the area seem to think that this editor is hell bent to "overthrow the Government by bull strength awkwardness." Even if this were true, I'm afraid the old mimeograph, (vintage 1917) will be worn out long before this can be accomplished.

If the poor old Government can't stand the honest criticism of the people, then it is time for it to throw in the sponge and call it a day. This editor will continue to tell the truth as he sees it, and will continue to oppose American intervention the world around. We will continue in support of the civil rights movement; we will continue to boost for the formation of a new People's party to oppose the two old boss parties. We continue in support of the student protest movement, as we believe this to be in the interests of the most people AND-to use the words of Patrick Henry, "if this be treason, make the most of it."

The charge is often made that "Communists cause the wars and economic troubles that beset the world". Well-take World War I for example. How many Communists, or Communist Governments were around in those days? None, that's how many! The mass misery of that war caused the Communist revolution in Russia. The mass misery of [World] War II caused the Communist revolutions in East Europe and China. Briefly: The wealthy class causes the wars, poverty, and depressions and the workers from Communist movements to try and right these wrongs. Eliminate these evils; wars, poverty, and imbalance generally, and you remove the cause of Communism. What makes the victory of Communism inevitable on this planet is the fact that the moneyed class-and their Government will NOT do this. No-they will go blindly down to defeat rather than to remedy the existing evils.

McChesney Martin of the Federal Reserve Bank said last week words to the effect that today looked pretty much like 1929. Consider Federal and private debt, not to mention State, Municipal, and County debts. Federal debt is now greater than federal assets. Money has to be borrowed to even pay the INTEREST on the federal debt! Anyone in their right mind knows that this simply can't go on forever and don't say the Ripsaw didn't warn you!

Chapter 34 - How the US Got Hawaii

One more article from the Lumberjack News of Eureka California. This one was written in 1962.

At a time when part of the US Navy is hovering ominously in Santa Domingo waters to "prevent a leftist takeover" it might be well here to review briefly just how DID the US get Hawaii? It is a sordid story, but factual and written in a book called "Imperial Washington" by a former US Senator, one R. F. Pettigrow (senator of South Dakota in 1893). We just take excerpts to save space.

Honolulu, Hawaii January 14th, 1893. A committee of safety composed of 13 members, (American business men) had been organized at M. V. Smith's offices. At this meeting the feeling was expressed that this was a good time to get rid of the old regime and provide for annexation to the US. There was no fear of disorder, no thought that life or property were in danger.

Mr. Smith stated that the committee at his office debated whether they would ask the US to establish a protectorate. They concluded that as the Queen had an armed force it was best to appoint a committee to see the US minister and ascertain what he would do.

After the meeting, Smith went to see the US Minister and arranged with him as to what should be done if Smith and his conspirators were arrested. He secured the required assurances, and the call for troops was issued.

Troops were landed from the US gunboat in the harbor and distributed, not for the purpose of protecting Americans, or American property, but to guard the Government building and show the Queen that they were assisting the 'revolutionists' (a committee of 13 business men). This was Monday evening. On Tuesday morning the committee of 13 met again and signed the proclamation, according to a previously arranged plan with the US Minister.

The proclamation having been read at the Government building, guarded by US Troops, the US Minister proceeded at once to recognize the new Government. They had not an armed man other than US Troops (some revolutionaries)! They had proceeded to the Government building where there were clerks and officers of the Hawaiian Government with not even a policeman present. They stood up in front of that building with the formidable backing of the gattling guns of the US Marines from an American battleship and read a paper declaring that they were the Government. Three quarters of a mile away, the Queen had 500 men under arms, so without waiting a moment, the US minister recognized the new Government of Hawaii.

And THAT is how "we" got Hawaii. "We" just plain stole it!

46 years ago, ye editor was a soldier in the 35th US Infantry at Schofield Bks in Hawaii to "guard American lives and property." Said property was mostly Dole Pineapple and C&H Sugar Company. There was still much resentment over there about the way they lost their country.