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Chapter 15 - Excerpts from Lumberjack News and Dawn

We have a new solution to the war business! Brand new and Revolutionary-cops there is that damn word that will get it rejected sure as hell! Anyway, here it is: seeing as how even the unions, as well as management (naturally) keep insisting on more and more armaments, why not gain an international agreement whereby ALL nations will INCREASE their arms bizz. by say 50%? Let it be included in the agreement that once each year all nations, (with UN observers) will dump all of this war gear into the ocean!

After a year (when the stuff is obsolete) the various nations (Under UN observation) can lift this war junk up melt it down and make new war equipment!

"Amos, clean out padded cell number 10 because here comes that Lumberjack Editor."

Well, that plan would seem to beat the present one of always going to war!

Dawn -- Tom Scribner

Tiny Earth, whirling through space unlimited,
Space still to be conquered by primitive man,
Puny, uncivilized, nationalistic, savage Man!
Furl the flags-place them in museums,
Museums containing relics of a barbarous past,
A past when man, imbued with foolish nationalism,
Butchered man-(under a grand old flag).

So-FURL the flags. Let's get on with a job.
Move the mountains! Melt the polar icecaps!
Irrigate the deserts! End poverty on Earth!
heal the sick! soothe the aged! educate the people
Furl the flags, disband the armies, scrap the navies,
Ground the war planes, and BAN THE BOMB!
Destroy Imperialism! Outraged humanity demands it!

Remember Wendell Wilkie? "One world, united in peace!"
Abraham Lincoln. "A house divided against itself,
Cannot stand" (Amended by the Hell bomb to read),
"A world divided against itself cannot stand",
So-furl the flags, world-conflict-world suicide!
Disband the armies, scrap the navies, BAN THE BOMB!
Destroy Imperialism! Outraged humanity demands it!

"We see in communism, more now than ever before, the incarnation of human destructive forces-we therefore oppose any attempt at spreading communism-we shall always and everywhere, champion peace and freedom against aggression."
--Adolph Hitler, February 20th, 1938
(We keep trying to Adolph, but everybody isn't perfect you know).