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Campaign for Fair Severance at MPG - IWW NYC GMB

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Dear Friends,

Almost two years ago MPG(Media Planning Group), a global ad agency, began a massive layoff operation with the arrival of a new CEO, Shaun Holliday. Included in the severance contract were two anti-employee provisions. The first took away the employee's right to sue if MPG were to violate any portion of the agreement while the company reserved its right to sue if the employee were to violate the agreement. The second provision restricts the employee from saying anything bad about MPG and at the same time the company can badmouth the employee with impunity. When one of their former employees, Joseph Sanchez, refused to sign the lopsided agreement MPG refused to negotiate a fair severance agreement. To this date the major ad agency hasn't paid a cent to Joseph even though the parent company, Havas, continues to increase its profits.

In less than a year MPG sacked CEO Shaun Holliday. Please take a moment and let MPG know that they haven't finished correcting their mistakes until they make a fair and equitable severance agreement with their employees. Click here to send an e-mail to the CEO and EVP of HR of MPG.

Thank you for your continued support ensuring that working people are respected.


For more info on this campaign: False Advertising? MPG Lays Off Workers While Profits Grow